About us

Toccata is an administrative services company, rendering International administrative and International accounting services to medium and large sized, internationally operative companies and PE Funds.

We are a result driven firm with a focus on clients working in a complex international accounting, legal and tax environment.

Toccata can enhance your business by taking over your finance, accounting and administrative obligations. This way you can fully focus on your operational activities. Toccata provides customized solutions that meet your specific requirements and streamline your operations.

Toccata is based in Amsterdam giving easy access to the European market.


Toccata’s team consists of highly qualified, experienced professionals that are passionate and dedicated to our clients. The team members are chosen on their skills, flexibility and integrity. All members have knowledge of relevant regulations and are full partner of our extensive external business partners in tax, accountancy and legal.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing high levels of client satisfaction and are nimble and highly responsive. We strive to work with and assist our clients and each member of the team takes the time to fully understand our clients’ business.

Our team is well trained and experienced on an international level and are used to deal with deadlines and highly sensitive information. The team members are all multilingual, communicative and are hands-on.

The focused and flexible approach towards our clients and other stakeholders is one of the main drivers of our success.

“We make accounting services work for your success.” Jason Veldhuizen, Senior Account Manager