The Netherlands ranks 4th as European Innovation Leader

The Netherlands ranks 4th as European Innovation Leader

The Dutch government will support the economy in the short term with a purchasing power package and cushioning the rising energy bill. At the same time, there are plenty of private and government investments in research and innovation in order to have sufficient jobs and income in the Netherlands in the long term. For example in artificial intelligence, quantum, photonics and hydrogen. The innovative strength of EU countries is assessed annually in the authoritative European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS). In the list published last week, the Netherlands has risen from 5th to 4th place and is now designated as a ‘European Innovation Leader’.

Characteristics of a European Innovation Leader

In the EIS 2022, the Netherlands, together with Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Belgium, belong to this group of innovation leaders. All EU countries are assessed on 32 indicators such as investment in research and development, public-private partnership, innovation in SMEs, digitization, patent applications, quality of research and the level of employment within innovative companies and knowledge institutions. The innovation leaders are the countries that score more than 25 percent above the EU average. The Netherlands scores more than 29 percent above the EU average this year.

Strenghts and weaknesses of the Netherlands as European Innovation Leader

The relative strenghts of the Netherlands:

  • Public-private co-publications
  • Foreign doctorate students
  • Lifelong learning
  • People with above basic overall digital skills
  • Employed ICT specialists


The relative weaknesses of the Netherlands:

  • Non-R&D Innovation expenditures
  • Sales of innovative products
  • Environment-related technologies
  • Doctorate graduates
  • Innovation expenditures per employee 


For a detailed report on the European Innovation Scoreboard of 2022, please visit

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