Accounting & Administration

We provide a full local administrative and accounting services.

These may include: 
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping, including accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Invoicing and other related activities
  • Compiling consolidated financial statements as well as company only
We offer the possibility to use your own global ERP system for month-end close and group reporting, by delivering data in any desired format. 

Financial Support & Assistance

Our team can provide full support on among others below items:
  • Audit assistance
  • Tax assistance
  • Payroll assistance
  • Cash management
Toccata is well experienced with the complete audit process and works with Big 4.

Proces Management Support

We strongly belief in digitalisation and automation. 
Therefore Toccata can help you to optimize your workflow process using state of the art software that can be tailored to your needs.
  • Digitalize authorisation process
  • Create a digital segregation of duties
  • Digitalised an automated invoice process
  • Incorporate digital payment process based on the above

Financial & Management Reporting

Apart for the usual types of reporting, Toccata can offer reporting, more tailored to your specific requirements.

Reporting can include:
  • Investor & management reporting
  • Preparation monthly, quarterly and/or annual reports in different GAAP 
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Budget variance analysis
  • Cash Reporting




Toccata has a strict KYC & AML compliance policy. Making use of a specialized compliance software programme, in line with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act.
Toccata aims to maintain the highest standards in AML regulations in order to ensure a healthy client base.
We can support your organisation to:
  • Implement an automated compliance process
  • Set up and maintaining structure charts